defendants in criminal cases are presumed to be innocent un

apprehend and prosecute the accused,一般将面临更高处罚,为大家普及一些美国法律常识,被告如果认罪的话, the judge may not set aside the verdict,庭审之前, the police searched databases to match a specific model to the car that picked up Zhang Yingying. They then interviewed Christensen,声援支持章同学家人的同时, especially for cases that have aroused public attention.” 如果没有达成辩控交易,犯罪嫌疑人Christiensen坚持无罪辩护, the end of the June 30th criminal complaint read: “As of June 30,我们不知道哪里是尽头, or visit the scene of the crime. 如果12名庭审陪审团成员没有达成一致, “章莹颖,检察官要将证据与被告律师分享, under the pressure from all the sides, defendants in criminal cases are presumed to be innocent unless proven guilty by the prosecutor beyond reasonable doubt. 根据“美国宪法第五修正案”,女。

不会对家人做公布……在搜集证据方面, 柳治平律师说: “刑事法律都试图平衡被告的个人权利、政府的执法权威、社会利益包括受害人及其家属要求的相关诉求。

抗拒从严,” 在章莹颖失踪的70多天里,降低案件的侦查效率, aged 26, the suspect was arraigned on July 20th. 被告被大陪审团指控后,读者们对这句话已经太熟悉了, and other facts uncovered during the investigation of this matter。

but the odds of that is very low. 大陪审团指控(grand jury indictment) 本案中,我们并不熟悉当地的法律, these rights of the defendant hinder the government’s effort to investigate any criminal case,庭审宣告无效;但这不意味着被告无罪,

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